Welcome to Max Blagg where you will find everything you need for your AR-15. We have all of the parts you could ever need for your rifle and to make your life easier we review all of the items. This will make the journey of finding the best upgrades for your AR 15 as easy as possible. So scroll down the page and find the parts that you are looking for!


One of the quickest and easiest ways to add accuracy to your rifle is to upgrade your barrel. There are a lot of different types of barrels that you can get so that is what we are here for. Click the link below to get taken to our barrel page where we rate and review all of the best ones on the market.


The stock sights on your ar15 aren’t perfect for everyone and by adding a new scope to your gun it can greatly increase the overall accuracy. To see the best ones then make sure to check out our whole page which is dedicated to helping you find the best one for you. Click the link below to get taken to that page.

Upper Receivers

If you are looking for a complete makeover of your gun and want to make your rifle more unique than all others then you should think about getting an upper receiver. They can completely revamp the look of your rifle and transform it into a brand new gun. Check out our page that is fully dedicated to upper receivers by visiting the link below.

Lower Receivers

To see the best lower receivers make sure to visit the link below to find ratings and reviews on the best lower receivers.


Getting a new stock for your ar15 is a great way to make it more comfortable to shoot as well as increase its shooting accuracy. It also helps stabilize the gun while firing and provides a nice, new look for your rifle. To see the best stocks for the money then click the link below.

Accessories & Parts

There are countless accessories and parts that you can get for your ar-15 rifle and we provide a full page dedicated to helping you find some of the best and most popular items. Check out the full page by clicking below.